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Gosh! I think God has forgotten to put brains in you. Awesome Inc. . Here is a MASSIVE curated collection of delightful Arshi tales to keep you company during the upcoming chilly nights^^ Happy Reading! When the past haunts – ArShi FF. Suddenly he started coughing . OS 19. OS: 6 An Unwanted Wife Arnav Singh Raizada clenched his fists in anger as he watched his Di and Mami lead the brides up the steps to their respective bedrooms. OS - THE BIGGEST NEWS she decided to spend their honeymoon in the country side to escape from the busy Khushi sat around with her group of friends, her best friend - Ishaani, Ranveer - Ishaani’s boyfriend and one of their other friends, Josh. Weather was prett Read Part 1 from the story Arshi Os- Love Rain ( completed) by RojalinKKGSR (Roja_Arshi) with 2,177 reads. ’ Shyam ‘Rani Sahiba, Saale sahib is always like this, he never believes in all this, poor Khushi ji must be so hurt. So what aashi is new at school our Arav is there to look after her . ” Arnav had been on his toes since the time he had demanded his job back from the devil herself. She tried to think about what Arnav had said, but somehow first of her two days slipped by quickly. a girl with loose curls till her waist was running in the corridor to get the autographs of her teachers and friends as it was the la ARSHI OS : WHAT IF ? here I was staring at him shamelessly and even asking about him but it didn’t seem to have any effect on him. Just take care of your health and stop smoking ,it's an unhealthy habit Chotte '' Jahnvi Raizada was talking over the phone to her one and only Son Arnav Singh Raizada. "How was yours It was a busy day for Khushi. nanda. ''I will never let your shadow to prevail on her''. I was really confused for ages because I couldn't get rid of it -- I kept getting "Device or resource busy"! By accident I found out how to get rid of a ramdisk. She twisted and turned. 3,773 likes · 22 talking about this. “No Arnavji, we Arshi FF ~FORBIDDEN DESIRE~ (UL II) Chap 11 Arnav continued to run and that's when his eye feel on the little girl who was busy picking up her soft toy. CHAPTER 8 all the staff has gone to their homes and the few left are busy completing their work so they could Khushi just smiled as she walks inside Arnav’s cabin carrying a bunch of white Lilies in her hand . “Khushi. If you find Lavanya, NK, Akaash or Payal there, well, it is their world, after all. This is the maximum I can tolerate. Chapter 3 : Change for yourself, not for anyone else. sudo umount path List of Arshi FFs Friday, 5 April 2013. Are you still busy?” Arnav asked and started nibbling her neck. 20 May 2015 arshi os always together 'This is MY house,' he had said. Precap : Arshi say those 3 magical words to each other. The Games We Play and Other Tales of Love Arnav Khushi OS! Romantic Fan Fictions, little One-shots and series about Arnav Khushi, (Who absolutely tickle my fancy pink). OS 18. Look he is getting harder as soon as I saw you. fell in love with a serial, a hindi one at that. Getting Khushi Married “Khushi beti –I promised my best friend Ratna that my daughter would marry her son – don’t make me break my promise. our princess will be ok in school right. 8 saal pehle ki baat hai, when khushi for the first time tried to experience alcahol she seduce arnav the hell out of his a*s only he know how he controlled him and her. For the entire morning Khushi was busy in preparations so Arnav could not get a chance to be alone with her. Arshi~My Littl3 wif3y-One shot Cute lovely banner by “ImmortalLove” “al. Arnav khushi romantic os. Arshi OS: All's Well That Ends Well | IPKKND OS Moumou. Khushi : You seems quite occupied ? busy ? Arnav just raised up his head from the laptop screen ,as his eyes hooded at Khushi and the flowers she is holding in her hand . ) he punched him on his mouth making him bleed and after few minutes he fell on the floor lying unconscious. Chapter 9. inch by inch until the head touch m membrane. He could never understand Khushi’s fascination with those silly, uncomfortable little balls, all over her ridiculously bright dresses. 8. Mami and Mama were busy in welcoming Arnav who was about to come home anytime. Arshi OS : A Fairytale Romance | gust of wind got busy and made her trip on her dupatta and she fell into the man’s arms. He looked like a Greek God. Too Tempting to Resist (Part 20) Part 20 He banged on the shut bedroom door like a mad man, forgetting that he was cool ASR for a moment. " Arshi Fan Fictions by Fans. ” Khushi said as she slowly pushed Arnav away. And when the sun rays hit his lids, he pressed her more to him only to be followed by some slaps from her. 6 Jul 2015 “oh well, no good morning kiss for you, missy… you see your arnav ji is very busy , samjhi tum!” she told herself with a grimace and went off to fix  22 Jan 2019 Arshi FF: Charade - Chapter 30 Chapter 29 // Read on FFnet // Read on Wattpad Chapter 30: Closer Khushi Busy as she is with her bijjiness. No one here had met Khushi yet. khushi opened her side of the window till the brim of her eyes as arnav’s car was blocking her view. 3 May 2016 Arshi OS: Baby Corn Garima and Madhumati went through so much “Bua-ji forgot to make you your aloo,” he drawled, “busy as she was with  “I told you! She is busy. Check out CamelPhat on Beatport. She bit her lips at the thought she doing this to make Arnav happy. Hope you enjoy that. “Yea… and wai-wait, what are you doing? Mrs. This is was an SS that I turned into a Mini FF, it will have 10 chapters. Kushi opened her eyes. Next few days that followed after that fateful day, Shantivan and Raizada family saw a little and felt the immense change in the ever jubilant couple of the house, as they thought of them. Now. Every-time she tried to talk with him but in return only get rejection from his side henceforth and her last ray of hope began dripping from her hands. My cabin. Man-hunting -Shree. He was busy in his own world Awesome OS, why does it have to be an OS? It's straight from bollywood !! It reminded me of Dhadkan movie You should continue this OS, I can't bear to see Arnav Khushi apart , please kill this one week wala dumb forced husband!! I hope they didn;t consummate My poor Arnav waited for 10 years for her, all this achievements and wealth ab kis kaam ki Arshi OS ; locked for a day June 22, 2014 November 26, 2015 by barunieeelover , posted in Arshi Oses Khushi : what he thinks of himself that i am dying for him. as samrat was a christian and khushi a hindu they didn’t mind going to different religious places together. Once Upon a Wedding (Part 1-) I also read Arshi stories only hence if you feel me worthy to have access then by all means do so. alnav” A three years girl sniffed in between her crying, trying to run away from her mother as fast as possible with her cute tiny feets on the white marble floor to reach her destination. Now you think I told the servants to lock us in a storeroom. ’ Nani glaring at Mami ‘work is not more important than wife and that too when same wife fast for his long life. Incredible effort, and hope you continue to write and inspire for years to come. The next morning, Arnav got up to hear Khushi singing, "Mausam hai suhana, Kapra Sukhana Ka Bahana, Lalala," when she saw Arnav getting up and continued as she smirked, "What the, What the, What the, Laad Governor Ko Sautana. Samaj kya sochege (Anjali, I think that chote is too busy with some people that he cannot take care of his own sister. beside arnav’s car was a church. Arshi - The Magic of love Sunday, 14 August 2016 OS-Complcated Love. Such a sound seemed to be the blowing horns of cars in the traffic of a busy city-Delhi, in the dead silence of the night. Arhi OS: The Last Legacy She entered the room in a bright as sun yellow-oran All the content on this blog has been copyrighted under the name of Srija Singh. Akash and Payal who were busy studying ran in to see a terrified Anjali. on her way to college she opened her fb and surprise to see a new text message from non other than ARNAV, also 45 new notification, all by Arnav. But Arnav didn't mind her words and were busy in his eating . lavanya was busy with her makeup. led me to much. completely unforeseen, unsought experience. She is really wild, extremely emotional, and the worst part is she cannot hold her physical desiresand arnav is very well aware of it. Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta DEFENDS Arshi Khan | विकास ने किया अर्शी को सपोर्ट Bigg Boss 11 got over on January 14. Arshi OS - Love Abandoned The days passed quickly, work kept them all busy but Arnav and Khushi never left each other's presence, they worked together, as a team. Posts about Arshi SS written by Mou. his phone stuck to his ears, and his hands busy in shuffling papers in the file. their glow reflecting off her face, her little red Arnav starting to smell Khushi’s hair,brushed his lips on her ear. He feels two arms around his shoulder from back and he very well knows that it is his princess…. In her mind she could see him, working away on it, his eyes showing such seriousness as he continued to work on his latest design. Khushi appy_indy's world of ARSHI Arnav entered his chamber and looked at Khushi who seemed to be really busy with her work. List of Arshi FFs Friday, 5 April 2013. Arnav awoke from sleep suddenly, his right arm instinctively reaching for Khushi , discovering her side of the bed empty. ” “Dad , I don’t even know the guy, I have never seen him, let alone spoken to him” “Meet him –then” “What if he smokes? A small smile creep on her lips seeing arnav entering the class. '' Chotte , I'm perfectly fine. I observed a gang of horrible looking persons chit chatting at platform of that station. “Bu-But baby. here i have started putting together the many things i've written, the pictures i have edited, my feelings really, for iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? maybe you've heard of the show, maybe you have strong there was that rush of wind again, gathering, coming close, swirling. Her boyfriend, Arnav, was supposed to be there but he was at home sick with the flu. The mother of the ASR and a widow for 20 years to be precise. I had to unmount it the same number of times that I had run the mount command, i. “Just busy. ” ASR added. They both laid facing each other and Khushi was holding her bottle with her left hand and the other hand supporting her head while Arshi started playing with her mother's excerpt. Due to this special occasion Arnav had bought a dress for Khushi. That story is one of my favourit. Hope Shyam is out of picture soon so that we can enjoy Khushi said Arnav all that happened from the day of the Lucknow fashion show till date. She just got up and acknowledged his OS 14. 11. The dagger like words that they had to face from the society, Shyaam saving her from goons, him staying as PG in their house, their engagement, the day of the pooja on which she found out that he was married, her breaking the engagement and him saying that he will do anything to get her. he stopped dead in his tracks. the party was to be started at 8 pm till the time u want. OS – Complicated Love She was being busy lately for me. the man walked down the steps busy on his phone, stylish in his silver grey suit. The week was slipping by too quickly for Khushi. Arnav dressed in white shirt with blue trouser and waistcoat with his hair perfectly gelled sat on recliner as he flipped through the file pages said in conversational tone: “And my answer is still No Arnav and Khushi had been invited to a formal party by Arnav’s friends. They too felt sad. Khushi : U eat I am going . " Arnav yawned, his fingertips gently skimming the expanse of Khushi's bare skin. 3773 Synes godt om · 22 taler om dette. ASR was too busy The train stopped at a station. 16 Oct 2018 Read TAMING HIS DOMINANCE from the story ARSHI OS SERIES by She was busy admiring the changed attitude of her husband when she  Read The OS from the story Arnav Aur Khushi Ki Arshi ✓ by Neena_writes him. Their simple tale of love She too kissed her angels goodnight and then both of them returned to their room to fell asleep in each other's arms and dream about the other. It was when it hit 10 o’ clock that Khushi finally pulled away from Arnav, who was busy sensually sucking the upper swell of her breasts, telling him that they had to get to work soon. Guys next episode will be valentines special full of Arshi romance. Encouraging her to spend some more time with Arnav as she knew only Arnav was the key to her happiness at this moment. ” Arnav repeated feeling out of his depth as Chotti joined them. Ongoing FFs. He wanted to make every man at that party jealous because he knew just how beautiful she was. Raat baar ladki ghar ke bahar hain aur aab tak vapas nahin aayi. She tried to be friendlier and easier towards her. Khushi was sitting in the park watching children playing, with a small smile on her face, she looked at Lavanya who was long gone to buy ice creams for them, and now when Khushi looked at her she was scowling at the Ice cream seller, probably fighting or bargaining with him, she sighed, Lavanya would not be back anytime soon, so she decided to go to the garden and enjoy the serenity "TICK TOCK" the clock sounded. When they followed her gaze, they found their two siblings, Arnav aka Tornado and Khushi aka Hurricane fighting cats and dogs. Posted on June 15, For the entire morning Khushi was busy in preparations so Arnav could not get a chance to be alone Welcome to the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ficverse —celebrating the romance of Arnav & Khushi— A Dedication: to the amazing writers who expanded the IPKKND universe with their pen Be it one shots (os), short stories (ss) or fan fictions (ff) they have elevated, enhanced, and enchanted us with the love story between… For accelerated emulator: 64-bit operating system and Intel processor with support for Intel VT-x, Intel EM64T (Intel 64), and Execute Disable (XD) Bit functionality ** Mac OS***** Mac OS X 10. He got down and then came inside. he liked all her pictures and also commented on few. all the ffs here Arshi OS – Home Alone With Raizada Posted on June 15, 2016 June 18, 2016 by sarita_984 Posted in Baby Raizada , one shots Tagged arshi , home alone with raizada The Raizada house was rather quiet today. He saw her from a distance, he picked up some red colour and made his way to her. Sasha entered the Naiads City Club , the main source of John's investment in the past which continues to charge money deposited into his back account plenteously . He looks outside there's preparations going on for Holi, colors, water guns are scattered around, his family busy with guests wishing each other, feeding sweets and guziya's and again Anjali's happy face came in front of her. His Car entered the gates. T. hey guys this is a fan fiction page made by me thats rima. We just read in it. theme. Don't worry so much . Of course Arnav . "ok mom I got go go, see you in the evening, love you, bye", saying that Khushi left to catch her bus. In a way it turned her on when she would stand in the doorway of his study and watch him so busy at work. Hi readerswa that's my first OS on the forums do forgive me if it's bad. Khusi said with smile looking at his tensed expression. a Lavender Rose means That at the very First met I lost My Heart to you thnks for such a lovely os thnks for pm Posts about ff on Arshi written by dustyboots. Nani: Anjali bitiya, mujhe lagta ke chote kuch logon ke saat itna busy rehte hain ke woh apne behen ka dyan nahin raksakte. It was a December evening. She wasn’t aware of how time had flown till the doorbell rang. "It's been a busy day buddy. In the world if Arnav Singh Raizada is scared of something it was Khushi in drunk condition. Part A: AR company : A charismatic, tall and handsome man is coming from the conference room. His Elusive Lover (Part 3) busy with their halwai shop and then you had to have a fire there. The next thing was that they found each other on the bed , arnav's hand on khushi's waist and khushi , resting her head on the crook of his neck. He felt her hands clutching her waist. That’s what they call her-the devil. He inserted his manhood slowly . I ignored them and started washing my face…I felt some moment beside me…Quickly I washed the foam of soap from my face and turned back to only get frightened of the moment where that horrible looking guys are staring at me like I’m their piece of meat… He was having his eyes closed and sleeping peaceful with his angel in his arms. Edited OS: Valentine's Day Special: I Know What You Did Last Night well you'll very soon find out why after reading this OS during the mature we are busy important act with his crazy wife who was busy giggling till it broke into a huge laughter making him realize that the change in ringtone was his wife’s doing. sarun, cry, khushi. Khusi . 'WHAT? You are just impossible Khusi. soon they stopped at a red light side by side. Not the best but its been a long time since I wrote something – hope you like it Khushi ‘s Return “AAAhhhhh let go of my hair !” “Give it back to me!” “You hid my book” “You took my jelabi“ “You eat the whole box if I hadn’t taken it” […] The sense of drama, romance, amazing character development and quite simply the retelling of Arshi's story from your point of view, all were just awesome, to say the least. “I’m the damn boss and I say we’re not working today,” he said, eager to get back to enjoying his time with his newly wedded wife. Mami ‘hello hi bye bye Anjali bitiya, Arnav bitwa would have got busy in work. As the office still busy and the land line numbers of AR fashion house is continuously  13 Jun 2017 Arshi os: Thread of beads Part 2: Knock on the door disturbed their in his room after a month as she was really busy with her jiji's wedding. He's wearing a grey 3 pieces Armani's suit with a white shirt, his hair gelled , his face emotionless, his head high with attitude and arrogance. Arnav was busy working in his laptop while khusi was busy arranging clothes in cupboard. It is a normal busy morning in Raizada Mansion with everyone getting ready for the day, but scene in Arnav-Khushi’s room was different. “The weddings are finally done. It was 11:43. OS - I don’t want to be your Wife Arnav and Khushi were in Buaji’s house, because Khushi wanted to spend some time with her parents, so she dragged Arnav along with her… This what the reason she said to everyone, but the fact was she wanted her husband to spend sometime with her. Without giving single glance at her, he moved off that really hurt her. I don’t know Aman. Arnav : What these lilies are for ? Even though she could think of some better things he could be doing with his hands, she didn’t mind when he wanted some time for his work. And so is Nani. ” Arnav said putting Khushi’s hand on his erected shaft. And I’m really very sorry for irregular updating I was busy due to my cousin’s wedding. He already had a big business empire she was so proud of. Arshi OS - Our Little Family Every time she brought up the topic he would heartily agree and promised to try and find time in his busy schedule. he scared whether he scared her again , whether his actions gave her wrong sign , by then when his anger subsided he once again realized her fear for physical intimacy , though he understood it earlier that time in his playful mood he was all busy on teasing her , but now , yes things changed , she is his wife , and she need him , in every step , he felt annoyed at himself , He Still busy in Cursing The Laad Governer . 5 or higher, up to 10. Arnav khushi romantic os Arshi Fan Fictions by Fans. My little one won’t stop. Khushi was nervous feeling his continuous intense gaze on her. I moan and winch a little when the head tugging the membrane hard, he know that I’m anticipating for the pain, he suddenly started to suck my boobs hard and biting it until I forget about the slight pain down there and without notification he pushed his cock through in, and rip the barrier in one smooth thrust. Khushi knew that, so avoided fussing over trivial things during his busy days. She smiled. Arshi OS – Khushi’s Special 2nd Holi. He turned off his phone and chucked it away as tried to get a grip of his wife but she was too fast and started to run along the poolside. He also NK: Mujhe marne se acha hain ja apni behan ko sambhal, jo pata nahi kiski raat rangin bana rahi hogi! (Instead of beating me, handle your sister who is busy in warming her bedmates. OS: His Passionate Muse Khushi lay there on the bed waiting for him, hearing the sound of his fingers pressing the keyboard of the laptop through the silent hallway. Mama and Mani welcomed him with smiles. Raizada. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Anjali was busy at home with Nani and she told her too about how Khushi's engagement broke. Rewind 11 months and a half! “Mr. After staying in the house for 105 'WHAT? You are just impossible Khusi. Guys this fan fiction is also posted on my Facebook page named “Arnav Kushi Fan Fictions by Anaya” TV Shows: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?/इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूं fanfiction archive with over 59 stories. She faced Arnav. arshi CManniversary celebration (must read) Busy love -Mrinalini. mood swings and a lot of jalebis for the next few months because you are going to be super busy. Lusty Raizada Part 2 When Arshi was asleep, she laid her in the middle of the bed between them and plugged the milk bottle in her mouth. Khushi automatically closed her eyes. But Arnav didn't look at her as he was busy in eating . She was now sitting in his lap . Except there was never meant to, but then who ever really plans the most astounding things in life. After the tests I tried to unmount it and then delete the folder. Busy schedule u see Arnav was about to turn and leave when Khushi said loudly "kisiki aise waise ka jhootha thodi na hai, yeh to arnu ka jhoota hai, and I love having arnu's jhoota dadi kyun ki jhoota khaane se pyaar badta hai" (this is not of any random person's portion dadi, this is arnu's and you know na I love having his portion, you know why? mY fantasy world of Arshi stories Friday, 28 June 2013. OS – Khushi’s return. I have written the start of it a few months back. Khushi was statue at the moment,he placed his lips on her cheeks,gave her a light kisses. He wanted to be the first person to put colour on her. After her early morning call, which now was so much easier as she could talk in her own room, she had been caught up in the daily routine of the Gupta household, - cleaning, cooking, washing. Arnav had been busy for some days, working out details for a new contract. 15 Aug 2018 Arshi OS I Love you. ARSHI OS: Our Little Family Part 3. Arshi OS: The Floor Carpet 18+ He was desperately waiting for his wife to come to him who was busy talking to her mother and aunt so he opted to let her stay with Arnav looked at Anjali's photo with pain, his heart still cries for his sister. They usually held these parties to allow them to build better relationships and links with other businesses. Khushi get up but didn't move as Arnav had held her hand and pulled her back . Read Part 2 from the story Arshi Os- Love Rain ( completed) by RojalinKKGSR with 1,304 reads. ’ Arnav gets seated and gets busy in his mobile checking mails as well as waiting for his princess…. When she was pregnant, he had made it perfectly clear that she was to forgo her pom-poms for those nine months. family, arshi, arnav. all the ffs here The three men, Manohar, Shashi and Rajat who were busy doing their important discussion rushed in to the living area to see what new disaster came up. With that thought she got up and walked gracefully toward him with a sly smile playing on her lips while his intense eyes were busy admiring her long milky soft legs, her full hips thighs, her seductive big breasts all were making him aroused. e. while perched there, her eyes moved to Arnav had been busy for some days, working out details for a new contract. “Busy where?” Guddu insisted. 4 (El Capitan) 2 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended She smiled as she remembered her meeting with Arnav 10 months back; she was in a mall shopping for an upcoming festival, then when she had collided with Arnav suddenly, and then their coincidental meets increased, first she suspected him and threatened him, but then something changed in him, at first she used to see indifference and coldness in his eyes for her, but after their 5, 6 meeting Hey guys! I’ve been watching IPKKND all over again with mum and I keep getting ideas for One-Shots… Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish MIMP update for the past weekend I decided I’ll write this idea down… December already! I wish everyone an exciting winter season, may it be filled with adventures, laughter and a bit of magic. She was looking for someone when two girls came to her almost hurrying every one here knows that Sasha is a special guest ,some one who… All these things have impacted anjali as well. S. Arnav asked suddenly out of nowhere. After some time, she received a call from Aman. P might see us here. every student was busy selecting their dresses and other accessories. ARSHI FF DO I WORTH YOU Wednesday, 27 April 2016. Khushi . Although, I was never an ardent viewer of the show, but my little used to tell me about it, almost everyday and I hated the way Khushi's character was portrayed. Their love story maybe simple without any drama and misunderstandings, villains and separation but whatever it is however it is it is theirs. there she sat surrounded by circles and circles, concentric and flowing, of tiny sparkling, oil lit lamps, their flames flickering in that gust of knowing breeze. "I'm not going to spare Mohan Arshi OS - Mujhe Haq Hai NK and Khushi were sitting in the lounge and as usual NK was busy cracking jokes in Hindi well he was trying to crack jokes in Hindi and arshi os : mine There was an annual party of the RISE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI. arshi os busy

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